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Call the surgery now on +353 96 71438/77659 or fill our appointment form on this site and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

We try to see dental emergencies as soon as is possible , please ring the surgery on 096 -71438 / 096-77659 to discuss the situation and to make an appointment.

Please bring your PPS number and a list of your current medications. Please remember to tell us if you have had an allergic reaction to any medicine.

Yes, we will text you/give you a call the day before your appointment
If you cannot attend your appointment, or need to rearrange, please call us on +353 (96) 71438/77659.

WE are open Monday to Friday – see below for details

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At Grady Family dental, we will give you written post op instructions after an extraction outlining all procedures to be followed.  We will advise on appropriate painkillers.

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot in the socket dissolves or doesn’t form. Then, the bone under where the tooth was extracted  is exposed to air, food and liquids and becomes very painful.  If you are in a lot of pain 2 -3 days after the extraction, then you may have a dry socket.  Smokers , diabetics or those who have had a difficult extraction are more prone . If you think you have a dry socket ,please call us so we can arrange to relieve this pain for you instantly by placing a medicated dressing. Those who have had a more difficult extraction or an abscess prior to the extraction are more prone.

You are correct. There are many products and techniques available. Some work great and some don’t work at all. The various over the counter products give the least predictable results. To get a really great result you should use one of the products sold through dental surgeries which utilize custom made trays for home application of a bleaching gel. There are several great ones out there. Our favourite for home bleaching is Nite White or Pola Night. In addition at Grady Family Dental we offer an “in surgery” tooth whitening process.

Dental bridges. These are a wonderful way to replace missing teeth when certain conditions exist. The condition of the surrounding teeth is very important as these teeth will support the bridge. The procedure involves a preparation of these surrounding teeth and an impression is then taken. The mould is sent to a laboratory where the bridge is constructed and when completed and returned, it is cemented on top of the surrounding teeth. The gap is filled by a shiny new tooth supported by the teeth on either side. The advantage of a bridge over dentures/false teeth is that it is permanent. It is not removed at night but does require a good standard of oral hygiene.

From your description, it sounds like a very normal situation and nothing to be concerned about. When the teeth are forming in the jaws, they are surrounded by a soft tissue membrane called Nasmyth’s Membrane (named after Alexander Nasmyth, a Scottish dental surgeon in London who died in 1847). As the teeth erupt, remnants of this membrane remain on the surface of the enamel. The fibrous nature of the membrane readily picks up coloration from food. In most cases normal chewing and brushing will remove the remnants with time. If they don’t come off, they can be removed by having a professional cleaning. Other causes for staining of teeth include high fevers during infancy, too much fluoride in drinking water and certain medications if taken while the teeth are still forming.